My Name is  Jodie Balfour, a Self-confessed Tattoos Adorning Maniac and Skin Aesthetician.

For years I’ve been borderline obsessed with everything ink! During that time I’ve discovered some little known secrets of the tattoo trade.

The one I’m about to reveal will change the way you look at Tattoo’s FOREVER!

In fact, whether you’re a parlour chair veteran or ready for that extra special first tattoo, this information can change your life…and simply your tattoo experience and your goals to enlarging your muscular features and your body features.


This Ebook  is about 

Discovering how to get the Right Tattoo Placement for Tattoos you’ll never want to “hide”

If you want a tattoo that makes you look more Manly, Muscular & Desirable. Learn the Art that displays your muscular adorning tattoo in all the “right places”… then you’re going to be blown away with “Tattoo Designs for Muscular Men”.

A tattoo can enhance your body’s muscular image – OR become a painful, costly and annoying body art if you don’t heed the warnings.

Here’s WHAT happens when tattoos become a blunder…

·       You choose the wrong design

·       You put the tattoo on the wrong part of your body

·       You pick colours which make you look pale and sallow, or even fat

·       You can place a tattoo to cover the only one spot that makes you look like an awesome hunk

·       You trust a dodgy tattoo artist

·       You change your mind when it’s too late…

Fact is you’re stuck with a crappy tattoo… FOREVER!

Being a Tattoo Artist myself  I know how important it is to get the most AWESOME Tattoo of your Life!